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Jan 26, 2017

Jessica Murnane is a perfect example of why I still love the internet.  We've never actually met but have collaborated virtually several times.  I've been a guest on her podcast; she's shared her favorite things to binge watch/mindfully munch with me.  Now she has written a cookbook, so of course I had to have her on MY podcast to talk more about it.  Hear about her history with endometriosis, what to eat instead of birthday cake, and how her One Part Plant mission is going to be the new "Meatless Monday."

Jessica has a new documentary series podcast - The Cookbook Deal - about the process of writing her cookbook.  One Part Plant is available on February 21, 2017 (pre-order it now) with a foreword by Lena Dunham.

You can listen to the episode and subscribe on iTunes (theme music is by Goh Nakamura).  Please leave a review/rating to help others find the show! More info is on The Actor's Diet website - follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and watch videos on YouTube.

Show Notes