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Jul 1, 2016

I'm a huge Rachael Ray fan.  Watching 30 Minute Meals was instrumental in my eating disorder recovery.  I've grown with her over the years - literally digesting everything she's put out - and my favorite thing to unwind with after a long day is her daily talk show.  Grant Melton is Senior Associate Culinary Producer and contributor for the Rachael Ray Show - and one of the reasons I keep watching.  I LOVE GRANT.

In this episode, Grant and I discuss growing up in Ohio, what crafts service looks like behind-the-scenes on the show + why everyone gains the Freshman 15, his passion for entertaining, and what those Yum-o T-shirts really feel like.

Show Notes:

Catch Grant's next appearance on the Rachael Ray Show making icebox cakes July 8th, and starting July 11th he'll be doing Facebook Live videos with Jeannette - Rachael's stunt toaster!!!

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